Aquatic Park is a member-run, self-help, non-profit sailing club. We don’t have staff, and keep our membership rates as low as possible. Members are responsible for chipping in and doing their part in making the club run. There are a myriad of ways to contribute! From driving the weekend shuttle to cooking for parties, and handyman help to supervising races, there are so many ways our membership collectively make our club such a vibrant community.

We offer our members the following:

  • Club House powered by solar and a back-up generator
  • Two washrooms, with flush toilets and sinks
  • Mooring ball for each membership
  • Large, floating docks
  • Free unlimited parking
  • Shuttle service from the parking lot to the club on weekends
  • Newsletter updates
  • Oar shed
  • Dinghy storage compound
  • Motor shed
  • Parties and social events
  • Regattas
  • Race program
  • Reciprocal¬†visitor rights at many clubs around Lake Ontario and beyond