Membership Fees

The Price of Paradise?

Aquatic Park Sailing Club is a member-driven self-help sailing club. The club’s mandate is to provide affordable, eco-friendly access to keel boat sailing in Toronto.

APSC is proud to claim the title of a sailing oasis in an urban wilderness. Our unique location offers unique perks as a sailing club in the heart of Toronto, making APSC an incredibly special place to be. Come down for a visit or arrange a tour with to see for yourself!

Types of Membership

Aquatic Park Sailing Club has two categories of membership.

Active Member

  • The right to one swing-mooring ball.
  • Dinghy storage.
  • Voting rights.
  • Includes spouse/partner and children up to 18 years old.

Dormant Member

  • Access to clubhouse and social events
  • Website and newsletter access

2023 Fee Schedule

*Rates subject to annual changes RateRate
(with HST)
New Member Initiationboats up to 30'$2,250$2,542.50
EARLY BIRD INITIATION SPECIAL (up to 30')$2,000$2,260
boats over 30'$2,750$3,107.50
Consortium Initiation
(per additional owner)
one boat can have up to two additional owners$750$847.50
Active Member FeeAnnual Membership Fee (based on LOA of boat)
up to 25'$696.00786.48
over 25', up to 30'$731.22$826.28
over 30', up to 35'$766.45$866.09
over 35'$802.81$907.17
Work-hours depositrefunded on completion of 30 hours$750.00$847.50
Additional work-hours per consortium membereach additional owner is required to contribute an additional 10 work hours per season$250.00$282.50
Gate Key Depositrefundable deposit (per key)$40No HST
Dormant Member Fee$168.79$190.73

Liability Insurance

A minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance is required to obtain a mooring.

All active members are required to submit proof of adequate, up-to-date boat insurance with their application and/or prior to bringing their boat into the harbour each season.